Vacation Creation

Comic Tommy Davidson ("In Living Color") and YouTube personality Andrea Feczko present deserving individuals, couples and families with exotic vacations in this benevolent travel series. People from diverse backgrounds who have weathered unique hardships are transported to faraway places for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Each trip is carefully planned to align with the location and setting choice of the family or individual, with the aim of creating a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable experience.

Saturday 10:30 AM et/pt on The CW
1 Season, 8 Episodes
October 1, 2016
Cast: Tommy Davidson, Andrea Feczko
Vacation Creation

Vacation Creation Full Episode Guide

  • A Marine who suffered many battle wounds and is learning to be a chef is given a culinary cruise with his family on the Crown Princess.

  • Highlights of the show's best moments include a Tuscan cooking session, a magician's cruise ship debut, a dance lesson on the Island of Crete, and a stirring vow renewal off the coast of Greece.

  • Ruby Ortega and her mom, Andrea, get a cruise trip for Andrea's charity work in her hometown in Mexico; the excursion includes fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska, and hiking in Chatterbox Falls, near Vancouver.

  • Tommy and Andrea plan an Alaskan cruise for a retired law enforcement officer, who lost his sight in one eye due to a rare disease, and his family.

  • Aspiring magician Remy Connor gets his dream to perform on a cruise ship while he and his girlfriend, who is his assistant, go on a romantic getaway.

  • The Lecce family comes together on Royal Princess to bond and discover its Italian heritage; the family is surprised with a whirlwind trip to Rome, a Tuscan cooking lesson and a heartwarming visit with long-lost family members.

  • Tommy and Andrea fulfill a woman's dream to take her mother and grandmother back to their hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • After a health scare and long-term rehabilitation, the Geoghegan family is taken on a trip to the island of Crete for dance lessons, a Greek cooking session and a Mediterranean surprise.

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