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Pit Bulls and Parolees is a reality television show chronicling the day to day operations of the Villalobos Rescue Center, and the centers founder and owner, Tia Torres. While watching the show you will get to see some of the rescues, some of the adoptions, and you will also get to see the parolees hard at work cleaning kennels, feeding, watering, and walking the dogs.

Villalobos meaning "house of wolves" in Spanish, began as a wolf rescue in the early nine-teen nineties. It is now the country's largest pit bull rescue center. Tia, along with her daughters, Mariah and Tania, her sons, Kanani and Keli'i, and the half dozen parolees employed at Villalobos, take care of over two hundred Pit Bulls that are currently at Villalobos.

Villalobos rehabilitates and retrains all of the Pit Bulls that they rescue, and hope that one day they will all be adopted into their forever homes. The rescue center cost about a thousand dollars a day to operate. They depend on the fees from the adoptions of the Pit Bulls, and the donations that they receive to keep up the day to day operations of the center.

Villalobos has recently relocated from California to New Orleans and also has a center in New Mexico. The center in New Mexico is run by a former parolee, Mando. This center is for the lifers. Lifers are the Pit Bulls that Villalobos rescues that can not ever be adopted due to court orders, or just because of certain behavior issues. The New Mexico center is not currently open for operations, however the New Orleans location is up and running in full swing.

Pit Bulls and Parolees gives the world a better understanding of what it takes day to day to run a successful animal rescue center, and gives the world a better understanding of the Pit Bull breed. Tia Torres is also giving a second chance to the parolees that she employs, who might not find employment anywhere else because of the crimes that they have committed.

Saturday at 10:00 PM on Animal Planet
11 Seasons, 151 Episodes
October 30, 2009
Animals, Reality
Cast: Tia Torres, Mariah Torres, Tania Torres, Jake
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Pit Bulls and Parolees Full Episode Guide

  • A couple is torn between two dogs and can't decide which one to bring home. A terrified neighborhood stray in dire need of medical attention results in a difficult rescue for the VRC crew. And Country Matt returns, seeking a job for his brother.

  • Moe and Lizzy rescue a sick, scared stray, but a diagnosis proves tricky. A friend of the rescue visits in hope of adopting a dog that has previously been overlooked. And new mom Tania struggles to find a balance between life and work at Villalobos.

  • Tia races to rescue an emaciated puppy chained to an abandoned home; a couple visits VRC in hopes of finding a younger sibling for their dog; a Good Samaritan needs help rescuing a stray mama dog still bleeding three weeks after giving birth.

  • Villalobos is invited to attend their first Puppy Bowl; new parolee Spencer joins Tania on his first rescue mission; a couple from Florida visits VRC in search a dog to help heal their broken hearts.

  • Tia, Tania and Mariah look back at the most adorable moments from the series, as determined by the fans. From surprising rescues and teary reunions to heartwarming adoptions and parolee antics, they'll reveal the cutest moments of "Pit Bulls & Parolees."

  • Tania and Mariah make it their mission to help two puppies diagnosed with swimmer's syndrome take their first steps. Marcel rescues a stray dog trapped beneath a house. And a couple from New York are looking for a companion to share their active lives.

  • Tania races to rescue a mama dog clinging to life after being in labor for two days. A young woman comes to Villalobos looking for a roommate to share her new home with. And, Tia's son Moe and his wife Lizzy embark on their biggest adventure yet.

  • A former adopter comes back to Villalobos to find a companion to support her through her battle with cancer; the VRC crew joins efforts to rescue an injured stray near the warehouse; and Tia puts a new parolee through his paces.

  • This special episode takes a look at the dogs that will always hold a loving place in the family's hearts. From the first pit bull that Tia rescued to the dog that walked Tania down the aisle, family members share why each dog is so important to them.

  • Tia hires 3 new parolees, but things quickly take a turn for the worse. A rural shelter threatened with closure needs Tia's help. And a family recovering from the loss of their home and dog in a flood comes to VRC looking for a new best friend.

  • When a homeless man asks Villalobos to take his puppies, Mariah and Marcel decide to help people living on the streets with their dogs. Tia and Mariah surprise the family with a gift celebrating their bond. And a gift changes the lives of the dogs.

  • With Villalobos' country location overrun with hounds, Tia turns to a trusted parolee and his new wife to help get one of the lovable but troublesome dogs a new home.

  • Concerns about flooding in Assumption Parish prompt Tia to draw up plans to evacuate quickly. Meanwhile, Joe develops a special bond with an injured dog he rescued from the streets.

  • Earl takes the lead in restoring an abandoned Rottweiler back to health. A service dog organization from North Carolina reaches out to Villalobos in search of a new dog for their program. M2 goes on her second rescue, taking in an owner surrender.

  • After Tia and Sugar rescue a stray, they are shocked by what they find and race him to the vet; new worker Darius pursues his dream of working in the veterinary field; an empty nester heads to Villalobos looking for a new companion.

  • A call in the middle of the night sends Tia racing to deal with a family emergency. A homeless man reaches out for assistance when his dog has trouble breathing. And, a healthy dog tied up outside VRC leads to a shocking story and a difficult decision.

  • Villalobos' oldest resident, Summer, a pit bull with severe arthritis, has a chance at a forever home. Earl works to improve a dog's social skills to make him more adoptable. Kanani's girlfriend, M2, takes on her first rescue.

  • A couple from New Jersey falls in love with a new best friend but the adoption gets put on the line when Dr. Kristen discovers a heart murmur; Tia heads out to the swamps to rescue a dog in need of medical attention and the diagnosis shocks her.

  • A new inmate starts working at VRC, hoping to fill the big shoes that Country Matt left behind; Lizzy and Joe struggle to catch a stray in a nearby neighborhood; a family come to Villalobos to adopt a dog, hoping to fill a void in their hearts.

  • A mother and son travel from Boston with hopes of adopting a dog, but Tia struggles to find a good fit for the family; Lizzy rescues a maggot-covered dog that was found lying on the road and races to the vet, hoping to save it.

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