Next Stop for Charlie

Next Stop for Charlie is a comedic series that follows Charlie Murray as he travels around the world and goes on various adventures. The adventures start when Charlie

Thursdays at 11:00 PM on Showtime
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
November 4, 2010
Cast: Neil Mandt, Erik Adolphson
Next Stop for Charlie

Next Stop for Charlie Full Episode Guide

  • The season comes to a close with Charlie and Erik finally arriving in Israel to meet Erik's true love.

  • After dropping off a corpse in Cuba, Charlie and Erik become trapped in Jamaica.

  • After Ukrainian mobsters force Charlie and Erik on a ship, they find themselves washed up on the shores of Venezuela.

  • Upon arriving in Ukraine, Charlie and Erik find a local to take them to the statue in Erik's photo.

  • Charlie and Erik have a layover in Romania and decide to go sight seeing.

  • Eric discovers the love of his life may be pregnant.

  • In Japan, Charlie spends time with his cousin Erik, who is wearing an eye patch and has little memory of what has transpired in the last six months.

  • The second season finds Charlie in prison. He has been serving time for six months for a crime he didn't commit. He hatches a plan with his cellmate to break out, and is successful.

  • Erik sends Charlie on a number of misadventures.

  • Charlie gets close to catching Erik in Copenhagen.

  • Hang gliding in Rio brings women, alcohol and mistaken identity.

  • Charlie misses his connection in Brisbane.

  • Erik leads Charlie on a wild goose chase; Charlie learns the dangers of broadcasting in a foreign language.

  • Charlie follows Erik to Osaka and learns what it means to be underdressed Japanese style.

  • Charlie follows his cousin to Thailand.

  • Charlie follows his cousin to Belgium, where he experiences Brussels beer and Bommels.

  • Charlie accepts his aunt's offer to search for his cousin, who has dropped out of medical school.

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