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Capture is similar to The Hunger Games. Basically, twelve teams composed of two individuals are brought to a large area of wilderness where the competition takes place. The teams take part in hunts to eliminate the other teams. The last team standing wins a cash award. However, in Capture, the competition is broken up into cycles.

In each cycle, one team is selected as hunters, and the others are prey. Each team is identified by matching colored gear. Also, each player wears special vests that includes pertinent information regarding the hunt. The hunt lasts for one month, and during that time they can stay at a camp called the Village. They receive small portions of food, but largely have to depend on survival skills in order to come out alive.

The CW
1 Season, 10 Episodes
July 30, 2013
Cast: Luke Tipple, Rob Anderson, Jacob Kosior, Jade Ramsey
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  • Tired and hungry, the final teams compete in one last hunt. Ultimately, only one team will walk away with a quarter of a million dollars.

  • With only days left in the game, the three teams that survive this hunt will advance to the final. With everything now at risk, alliances and friendships crumble.

  • The prey teams become alarmed when Luke reveals they will start the hunt with the alarms on their vests blaring. The only way to turn them off is to unite together in the wilderness and figure out the secret code.

  • The players are still reeling from the previous twist in the game, and now the stakes are raised again when the teams must seep in the wild.

  • The players are blindsided by the announcement of a new twist.

  • The hunting team fails to catch anyone on the first day and feels the pressure to catch two teams the next day in order to stay in the game.

  • Things take a serious when medics are called to the field. Luke offers chicken wings, beer and more inside the supply station - but will a team risk it?

  • After destroying the food supply, one team is feeling the wrath from the other contestants. Plus, Luke introduces a new beneficial twist.

  • In the series premiere, watch as 12 teams of 2 enter The Arena to compete in the ultimate survival game.

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