Beach Heat: Miami

Beach Heat: Miami is a television show that takes place in sunny and hot Miami Beach Florida. The scenery is very tropical and most of the show takes place near the water because it is about lifeguards. It is a highly popular TV show, which focuses on the rich and famous of this hot city. It has a talented cast which includes: Megan Hauserman, Kristen Hinton, Tristan Paget, Tommy Groth, Chastity Lynn, Romeo Price, Kiarra Mia, Kevin Spencer, Pepper Kester, Savannah Stern and Nick Manning. This show was written by Emily Rigby, who did both the screenplay and the story. The Beach Heat: Miami was directed by Bill Fisher.

The plot is centered on all the drama that occurs with lifeguards. Megan Hausermen stars as the main character who is a lifeguard that must protect beach goers from potential dangers that are lurking on the beach. But, She must also deal with the drama of working with her difficult coworkers and along the she becomes a newer, more risqu

Thursdays at 11:30 pm et/pt on Showtime
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
August 5, 2010
Cast: Christina Galioto, Kristen Hinton, Josh Randall, Tristian Lier
Beach Heat: Miami

Beach Heat: Miami Full Episode Guide

  • Sexy reporter Roxanne Riley seduces an unsuspecting Fletch.

  • The boys spot a sexy sunbather while the lifeguards save a tourist.

  • Jack persuades ex-lifeguard Shannon Richard to return to south beach.

  • In the Season 1 finale, Brady continues to chase after Melanie, and is finally successful; Amber makes a plan with Lee to exploit Chloe; a surprise awaits Brooke at the Club.

  • Jace loses a rescue and turns to Melanie for comfort; Lana decides to replace her ad; Cale cooks dinner for Brooke in hopes of finally having sex with her.

  • Lana's world begins its downward spiral; Amber has officially won her way back into C-Train's bed; Cale continues to pursue Brooke.

  • Jace gets dominated by a beautiful brunette; Cale takes Brooke on their first date; Dean and Lana decide to make their relationship official.

  • Vinny returns to torment Lana; Cale tries to make Brooke jealous by hooking up with Kitty; Amber attempts to win back C-Train with a beautiful present.

  • Amber executes her revenge on Chloe; Lana takes an interest in Dean; Brooke blows off Cale and hooks up with an old girlfriend from boarding school.

  • Amber comes to Melanie for help; much to Cale's dismay, Jace hooks up with Michelle and Tracy; Chloe makes a move on C-Train.

  • Lana gets herself into serious trouble and turns to Brooke for help; Chloe vows revenge on Amber and comes up with the perfect plan; Jace has some fun in the tower with a beautiful girl.

  • Brady can't resist when Jace's gorgeous sister Sammy comes to visit; Brooke gets her chance to join the lifeguard sisterhood; Amber pimps out an unsuspecting Chloe.

  • Lana takes Tantra to a new level with her client Charley; Keith's plan to loosen up Brooke for Melanie backfires; Amber sets up C-train and his friend with two hotties.

  • After a beautiful woman is stung by a jellyfish, Jace and Cale are there to help; Amber hooks up with C-Train and makes a devious deal with his bodyguard, Lee.

  • Cale asks Brooke to go out with him and is turned down but Jace comes to the rescue with two hot tourists; Melanie meets up with her ex-girlfriend for a nighttime rendezvous.

  • In the Season 1 premiere, the Miami lifeguards welcome a new addition to their team, a blonde, virgin bombshell named Brooke; Lana seduces Jace and comes up with a devious plan.

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