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TJ Miller Fires Back at 'Silicon Valley' Actress

TJ Miller Fires Back at 'Silicon Valley' Actress

TJ Miller's career has been significantly impacted by his very visible conflict's with his co-workers, but from his perspective, he's sometimes the victim. That's what he contends in light of accusations from a former Silicon Valley co-star. Read on for details.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

TJ Miller is defending himself against his former Silicon Valley co-star who accused him of being a "bully and petulant brat" on the set of the HBO comedy.

The actor who rose to fame playing Erlich Bachman is addressing Alice Wetterlund's allegations against him and the four other male stars of the series. Last month, Wetterlund — who played engineer Carla Walton for two seasons — called her experience on the show "kind of a nightmare," adding that the other major male castmembers enabled Miller's bullying and "can fuck off forever."

When asked about the public feud on SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts show, Miller denied Wetterlund's accusations. "She may have had that experience, but it’s people trying to enter the headlines and get into the media cycle," he said. "It was not my experience that anyone was bullying her or being mean to her."

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Not only did he claim he didn't contribute to the toxic environment Wetterlund described, Miller went on to add that Wetterlund was the one who was "difficult to work with" on set. "Truthfully, I felt like it was difficult to work with her because she kept interrupting Zach Woods ... during takes and even when she was off camera," he said, reiterating that he didn't think she was a victim of any bullying. "Obviously, there was some sort of disconnect because she’s saying these negative things about me and then attacking the mostly all-male cast of Silicon Valley."

The comedian chalked up Wetterlund's allegations to her simply seeking fame and piling on the negative news cycle. "It’s just a confusing time right now because there’s so much anger and they don’t know where to fire," Miller said of the media. "I’ve been talking about the internet in general turning the world into high school, where gossip is immediately true. There’s no court of law … any time you get into the he-said-she-said stuff, you get into a difficult gray area because there’s no proof either way, but people love to bully and mob mentality is very easy to get into."

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