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"She rocks. She rules. She reigns."

The Princess Diaries is a movie that was made in 2001 starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. Anne Hathaway is starring as Mia Thermopolis a teenage girl who is going through the extremely awkward phase many teens muddle through. She isn't overly attractive or popular but she is comfortable in her own skin. She has been raised by her Mom and has a cat she dearly loves as well as a best friend, Lilly, who is as unconventional and awkward as Mia herself is.

Shortly before she turns 16, she receives a visit from a grandmother she has never met who is played by none other than Julie Andrews. She also receives the news that she is a real live princess of a small country named Genovia. An even bigger piece of news is the fact that she is next in line to the throne. Her father has recently passed away and if Mia does not accept the position then the country will have no one.

Mia decides to do her duty to the country she is in line to inherit the responsibility of ruling over. But becoming a princess is a process that she did not think through. She has to be completely transformed from the average and awkward Mia Thermopolis to Princess Mia. This is quite the adventure for her. Her hair has to be tamed. Her manners need to be polished. Her clothing needs to be completely overhauled. Mia does her best to cooperate.

She also gets herself into a number of scrapes along the way including wrecking her car with her grandmother in tow. After the paparazzi catches her in an unfavorable position she ends up with her pictures splashed across the paper and a mess that has to be cleaned up. Mia's grandmother is not understanding about the fact that the pictures did not give an accurate picture of the situation.

Mia is at a turning point and contemplating if she should accept the position as ruler to Genovia in light of her recent mistake. After reading her father's words left to her she makes the decision she feels is best and sets about putting her life back together. This means restoring broken friendships and patching up misunderstandings. It also means stepping into new roles and places she has never been before.

| 2001 | 1 hr 55 min | 6.3/10
Garry Marshall
The Princess Diaries
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